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Meet Me

Me and Marcus in Hawaii


My name is Carrie. I live in North Carolina with my husband, Marcus, and two puppies Tobey and Jasper. I have lived here pretty much my entire life, and I love it here…maybe not the humidity, but I love the people, the food, the beaches and mountains.”…only place in the world where nothing has to be explained to me.” – Woodrow Wilson


Food is essential, but you can make it taste amazing and look delicious. I can’t resist fresh, colorful veggies, shopping and finding an ingredient that I’ve never tried before, planning my meal around that ingredient and cooking insanely delicious food then bragging about how good it was the next day. My meals are usually made from scratch with fresh ingredients, but I am a busy girl and some nights it’s nice to have those freezer foods I can just throw in the oven. I like to be aware of what we are eating, heck, I like to be aware of what my dogs are eating. I search blogs for really cool cupcakes, colorful, fun dinners, even dog treats. If you’ve got something you think I would like let me know.

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9 Responses

  1. My you are a great looking couple. I can’t believe that you hate the gym. You both look so healthy and fit. I love reading your recipes, knowing of course, that your mom really got you interested in cooking. I just know that it was her favorite thing. Of course, she got it from her mom. Aren’t mom’s great…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all moms who helped get their daughters started in the kitchen!

  2. What a great blog! Really though. I want to see some of your famous cupcakes. And me and Melissa didn’t distract you from baking your brownies ;)

    -Your Fav Sis

  3. Wow! This is great. You are a good writer, and funny too. That must be your British sense of humor at work. It’s so nice to see young people keeping family traditions alive. I know your Granny will be very proud to hear that her Raspberry Buns were featured on your blog. Keep the recipes coming–I can’t wait to see some more. Who needs Rachel Ray when you have “Cookin Carrie”!

  4. Great blog….keep up the great reads. – Aaron

  5. I was directed to your site through Amelia, and I could not be more impressed! I love that you have such a diverse selection. Thanks for all the new ideas.

  6. I want you to know that you have inspired me to head back to the blog I started this winter! Thanks dude!

  7. Hey, loved the website and gleaned some great ideas for my own use (sans salt, of course). Never liked the idea of fish tacos before, but you made them sound so good I will try them. I have tried “chicken spaghetti” but refer to it as “spaghetti bolognese” made with ground turkey and red wine. I tell everyone it is veal and they have yet to discover the difference.

  8. Thank you for adding some healthy recipes. And I’m not a crazy workout lady. Just an old lady taking on old age on my terms… :)

  9. Whoa, love some of the recipes! Great job..

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