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Fried Egg Sandwiches

On nights when I am way too tired for anything that might take more than two minutes to fix, my tummy relies on a fried egg sandwich. It’s my mother’s fault really she started me on the grilled cheese. The famous grilled cheese, my husband is really good at making these. My mom used to make these famous grilled cheeses for me too, did you know you get addicted to cheese? You do. I heard it on Ellen. A doctor said it so I know it’s true something about opiates. It has opiates or you have opiates that get released. I don’t remember, but you get addicted. Anywho, I am addicted to cheese and egg sandwiches.

Last night, I fell asleep right after work. Crashed out. Oops. For 2 hours. Woke up long enough to watch Ugly Betty and Grey’s and make my fried egg sandwich.

I use 2 eggs, I’m not sure if that is healthy, but it fills the bread better than just 1 egg. Crack the eggs into the pan, like you would if you were cooking them sunny side up, but then break the yellow part. So, it’s fried eggs. Then add 2 pieces of buttered bread, with a slice or two of cheese. Then you grill the sandwich like a regular grilled cheese with the egg in the middle, until the cheese has melted around the egg and the bread is done. It’s so good, and it’s so fast I didn’t miss a minute of Ugly Betty.


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