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What I ate in Charleston

I talked all about the things I saw my trip to Charleston, South Carolina on The Domestic District. Now here I am going to tell you about the amazing food that is in Charleston. Really there is some fantastic eats that come out of the Charleston Area. I say Charleston Area, because I ate in Downtown Charleston, Folly Beach, and Johns Island.

This was my first trip to Charleston, my family and I went for Labor Day weekend to celebrate my uncle’s 50th birthday. Paula had already scoped out every restaurant we were going to eat at, and knew the reviews that each restaurant was given. She even printed out a menu of each restaurant so we could see what there was to eat before we went. My brother studied the menus all day before we went to the restaurant, he’s a bit of a food snob.

I am going to start with my most favorite place I ate, which happens to be the last restaurant celebrate Frankie’s Birthday.

It’s restaurants like Fat Hen that make me want to pack up and move to Charleston immediately. Actually, Fat Hen is on Johns Island, but I would move there in a heart beat.

Our last dinner together on our family trip was at Fat Hen. It is about 15 minutes from Folly Beach, which is where we were staying. The place is decorated really cute inside, like a farmhouse chic, and the food is absolutely amazing. Some of the best I have ever had, seriously!

I had their tomato and mozzarella salad with pan fried okra for an appetizer. So freakin good, I inhaled it. I think I let my sister get one bite. I am dying to try the way they fry their okra, without all the breading, they  also cut their okra long ways which I had never seen.

For dinner, I had the shrimp and crab severed with hoppin’ john. I shared my entree with my step-mom, and it was a perfect size for both of us. For those who don’t know what hoppin’ john is, because I didn’t know before Charleston, it’s black-eyed peas, ham-hock, rice, and spices.

I think I tried everyone’s dish at the table and all of them were excellent, if you are going anywhere near Charleston you have to stop by Fat Hen!

The first restaurant we went to was Magnolia’s Restaurant. We were only going for a drink in celebration of Frankie’s 50th, but my family, of course, ordered a couple of appetizers.  Paula and Frankie ordered the Pan Fried Chicken Livers. I actually tried one, and it wasn’t bad; that doesn’t mean I would order a whole plate of them, one is a gracious plenty chicken livers for me. Kelvin and Charlie ordered Housemade Pimiento Cheese, I love homemade Pimiento cheese and Magnolia’s was pretty good. They served it with Charleston Flatbread, I am pretty sure it was just regular flatbread though. I still prefer my mother-in-laws homemade pimento cheese and I’m not just saying that.

Next we went to The Market Pavilion Rooftop Bar

We had some cocktails while we waited for our reservation at Mistral. Market Pavilion is a bar on the roof of Market Pavilion Hotel, go figure. There is this really cool cascading pool, you really can’t tell in this picture, but the water comes over the floor. I didn’t actually go in the pool, but it looked pretty. You get one of the best views of Charleston from the rooftop bar. It’s beautiful.

Saturday nights dinner was probably my least favorite, but I am blaming my sister, not the restaurant. My sister is horrible at ordering food. I should have never listened to her, I don’t know what I was thinking, normally I value her opinion, but on food, my little brother’s opinion would have been better.

With that said, we went to Mistral and Amelia ordered  the Coq au Vin with my sister for us to share. It tasted like beef stew with chicken instead of beef. I am not a fan of beef stew, so I was not impressed by the food at Mistral.

I will end this post on a good note, Folly Beach Crab Shack. I love crab shacks, old bay, steamed crabs, yummmm…… We ate lunch at the Crab Shack in Folly Beach on Sunday, it was a short walk from where we were staying. We ordered Crab and Artichoke Dip, Buffalo Shrimp, Steamed Shrimp and Oysters. Everything was really good and it’s such a nice change from North Carolina, where everything is fried.


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  1. its not my fault you didn’t like the coq au vin! and it was a good experience anyways even if you didn’t like the food because we had a hot waiter

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