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Seafood Night at the Beach

Vacation time! Marc and I took a much need vacation to the beach with his family and some friends. Saturday night was Seafood Night! We have a really nice fish market on the island. It is a little pricey, but you can get everything you need there. As you can see below, Jibrey was a little upset that you steam the crabs while they are still alive…. sorry Mr. Crab. Make sure they are very chilly (on ice) otherwise you will have quite a time trying to get them into the steamer and them trying to get out.

Steamed Shrimp with Old Bay Seasoning with Debbie’s cocktail sauce.

We steamed the shrimp first using vinegar and beer. Lots of Old Bay seasoning. I prefer to buy the shrimp that are already cleaned. That way you can spend more time hanging out on the beach. Plus I hate cleaning shrimp.

YUMMM….. Hush puppies! Marc picked up some hush puppy mix on a beer run, good call! So, I learned how to make hush puppies! It’s not hard, just mix and fry. And they are so good!

Steamed Blue Crabs. Not everyone knows the art of eating these, but once you do you will not mess with the frozen King crabs. From these you get the sweet crab meat (backfin). You steam these in vinegar and beer and season with Old Bay. My mom usually covers the crabs in Old Bay, unfortunately the picture below does not show the amount of seasoning.


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  1. I am so jealous..I’ve been craving some good seafood for a few weeks now! Matt and I may need to do an “inland” crab boil since we can’t get to the beach anytime soon :)

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