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Kitchen Madness

Pretty much anytime I am in the kitchen Marc is trying to get his hands into what I am fixing or trying to give me “pointers” on my cooking techniques. It drives me absolutely nuts. My husband is no culinary expert, he can make an excellent grill cheese and that is very important in life, but to be honest the microwave is his best friend.

So I wanted to give Marc a day that he could come up with his own meal. He could be in the kitchen by himself, I wouldn’t bother him and he would cook this meal for the both of us. The first time we tried this was last week, last Thursday actually. I got a sandwich for dinner. Seriously? a sandwich, not even one of his famous grilled cheeses; a freakin turkey sandwich.

This week I decided we weren’t going to do that again. So we have been making meals together, and surprisingly it’s fun and the meals come out really good. Yesterday we made quesadillas, sorry no picture of those, but they were really good. We put everything that would go in a taco, rice, beans, steak, pico de gallo and cheese, and lay the ingredients on one side of a soft tortilla shell then fold the shell and grilled it on the George Foreman grill. We made our own pico de gallo sauce with tomatoes, a little onion and cilantro. It was fun because we both got to fix our own, the way we like it.

Tonight for dinner we did personal pizzas. I picked up a pack of two of the already made pizza crust from the grocery store. I also got the pizza sauce from the store. Basically, I had Marc figure out what he wanted on his pizza so we could go and get it. It was really fun making the pizzas, you know playing whose was better. I used some fresh herbs, basil and oregano, onion, mushrooms and pepperoni. Marc used green peppers, onions and pepperoni. Preheated the oven to 450 degrees and cooked the pizzas for 10 minutes.


Marcus Pizza vs. Carrie Pizza

My fabulous pizza that I totally think should have won because of the fresh herbs. I offered them to Marc and he said no. boo to him.

Marc’s pizza, it is not as messy as mine and it has green peppers, I mean they are pretty I guess. But he only won because he ate his entire pizza. How am I supposed to compete with that.

I don’t mind Marc in the kitchen when we are cooking like this. It was a lot of fun and both of the pizzas turned out great.


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